Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wig update #1

My wigs finally came in! I was really impressed with eBay this time because I got both of them within a week, and it usually takes about two or three weeks. Anyway, here they are. I took these pictures with my iPhone 4 (super ancient) and in daylight.

 This is the wig I got for my Sasha Braus cosplay from this seller. Super fast shipping, I got it within 7 days all the way from China. I like the quality of this wig, the hair is super soft and it didn't shed upon opening. I was just disappointed that it didn't have a clip-on ponytail but it's okay, I can just style the wig while I fix the bangs!

As you can see, I've got a lot of styling to do to get her bangs right and ponytail high enough. The hair color is like a reddish-brown and I tried my best to capture it in the photos but it won't do it right haha. Overall, I'm impressed with this wig and I could do more cosplays with this one instead of just Sasha, I was thinking Sailor Jupiter and Aoi Asahina.
I got the second wig from this seller. I got it for free because I had some eBay bucks to spend. I was happy with the quality despite the price, plus I always wondered what I would look like with blonde hair. The wig is a little thin and kinda tangles easily though.

Here's some shots with it...I thought I'd just use it for a Fionna cosplay since I already have the hat :)

Looking forward to this year's cosplay adventures! Kicking off 2014 with Animation on Display in San Francisco. See you there!


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