Monday, January 27, 2014

AOD 2014

Finally my first con of the year!! I only went on Sunday, which is usually the slower day because they're starting to wrap things up. There were a lot of people, lots of cosplay groups but not really that much to do.
I initially went for the TWD game panel but I missed it so we just walked around and looked for more panels to go to.
I went in my Rinoa cosplay but hardly anybody recognized me lol maybe the kids were all too young to recognize! but here it is, I debuted it at this con. I finished sewing her skirt the night before! I'm gonna add her weapon though because it felt so incomplete..

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Cosplay Plans (that I'll hopefully stick to!)

I'm a little late on this but hey better late than never! So okay, the new year means convention season will start up again (actually already started with ALA, so sad I'm not there!) and cosplay planning and construction is also back up and running! I've got a few conventions that I'm going to this year, and some that I am hoping to go to *cough Comic-Con SD* and I've got a few cosplays lined up that I want to make/improve. I decided I should post them because I'm so indecisive, like I keep switching midway, maybe this will help me stick to them haha. Plus I'm still a n00b and I have to stay within my skill level for now! All of that aside, here's my little lineup for 2014:

Tifa Lockhart, FF7
I actually have already cosplayed her at FanimeCon 2013, but it was such a last minute thing that I probably only got two pieces accurate. I've got some work to do with her, such as her armor and the gloves. It won't be too much work though!
Rinoa Heartilly, FF8
I love me some Final Fantasy ladies! I want to cosplay all of them but ahhhh their costumes look so hard to make! Someday though, someday! Anyway, Miss Heartilly's costume is maybe 80% complete. I only need to make her skirt and sew zippers on the shorts. I want to make her Shooting Star as well.
Mikasa Ackerman, Shingeki no Kyojin

Sasha Braus, Shingeki no Kyojin
Ahhh Attack on Titan! I love this anime so much, I've just recently started reading the manga as well but these two ladies are my favorites! I kinda like Sasha a lot more though because we're basically the same. Especially when it comes to food! The only thing missing from these cosplays is the 3D Maneuver Gear.
Nonon Jakuzure, Kill La Kill
My baby! Haha I love her character and I think she's so cute! I haven't started work on this cosplay but I know it will take some time because there's so much detail. Hopefully I find an Elite Four group to cosplay with :)

Fionna, Adventure Time
Only doing this because I have a blonde wig! I've already got the complete costume, I am just missing the backpack and crystal sword!
Chun Li, Street Fighter
Okay, I've been hearing a lot that I should do this apparently because I'm Asian. Haha but this doesn't look that complicated so hey why not? I've always loved her as a kid and used only her in the games, besides Juri and Cammy.
Asuna Yuuki, Sword Art Online
OKAY.Oh my gosh. This is my dream project this year! I love her soooo much and I love the anime and oh my gosh I'm gonna be so happy once I finish this!! So far this is the most complicated costume I'm going to make. There's so much detail and so many parts to it, I am ready to swim in fabric and hang out with my sewing machine haha. I actually cannot wait to start this and hopefully I stay dedicated!
Kairi, Kingdom Hearts 2
This one is my extra, just because. I'll probably end up making it for my sister though.

Well there we go! 2014's master list. Hopefully I stick to them and I'll definitely post works in progress up here as well as con coverage haha. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wig update #1

My wigs finally came in! I was really impressed with eBay this time because I got both of them within a week, and it usually takes about two or three weeks. Anyway, here they are. I took these pictures with my iPhone 4 (super ancient) and in daylight.

 This is the wig I got for my Sasha Braus cosplay from this seller. Super fast shipping, I got it within 7 days all the way from China. I like the quality of this wig, the hair is super soft and it didn't shed upon opening. I was just disappointed that it didn't have a clip-on ponytail but it's okay, I can just style the wig while I fix the bangs!

As you can see, I've got a lot of styling to do to get her bangs right and ponytail high enough. The hair color is like a reddish-brown and I tried my best to capture it in the photos but it won't do it right haha. Overall, I'm impressed with this wig and I could do more cosplays with this one instead of just Sasha, I was thinking Sailor Jupiter and Aoi Asahina.
I got the second wig from this seller. I got it for free because I had some eBay bucks to spend. I was happy with the quality despite the price, plus I always wondered what I would look like with blonde hair. The wig is a little thin and kinda tangles easily though.

Here's some shots with it...I thought I'd just use it for a Fionna cosplay since I already have the hat :)

Looking forward to this year's cosplay adventures! Kicking off 2014 with Animation on Display in San Francisco. See you there!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Herro friend!

Hello hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

I set this blog up to document random stuff in my life although I know it's gonna be mostly nerdy stuff...maybe I'll sneak in some journal entries every once in a while too! Let me just tell you about my interests aka the stuff that's going to be on my blog...I love anime! So expect a lot of that. I'm also into cosplaying and I will blog about my cosplay plans and works in progress. I love conventions so there's going to be stuff about that too. I'll probably post some DIY too and like I said some personal stuff is also gonna go on here!

I'm open to comments and suggestions and I'd love to make some new friends so feel free to drop me a line or something! :)